Branded video player for the best viewer experience

Take advantage of’s branded video player. Let your viewers enjoy the best video quality and watching experience. With adaptive player and customizable controls, makes embedding videos as easy as 1-2-3.

Best Value video marketing software

Wave has enabled me to add video creation to my social media marketing efforts for my clients without significantly increasing my costs. They are and I are very happy.
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Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Owner, Marketing and Advertising

Why choose’s branded video player?

  • Easy to use

    Embed your videos on a website or blog easily, with no coding experience required. Just upload your video to the platform, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Highly customizable

    Choose the colors for your branded video player, set a custom thumbnail for more clicks, choose what controls you want to show and how to end your video.

  • Password-protect your videos

    Create gated content and set a password for your videos. With the' + ' branded video player, you control who watches your videos.

Not just a branded video player.
A whole video marketing platform

With, you can not only host your videos but also make new ones,
create video landing pages, and so much more

Branded video player that...

Adapts to your audience
Adapts to your audience

Let your viewers choose how they want to watch your videos. They can change the playback speed and video quality to match their environment.

Is flexible
Is flexible

You decide whether you want your online video player to be of a fixed size or responsive. Just switch the toggle and set the video player size.

Drives your video marketing forward
Drives your video marketing forward

Automatically create video landing pages for the videos that you upload to Add a tracking code to analyze how your content is doing. Plan the whole marketing funnel with just one tool.

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The only branded video player
that allows you to embed videos in emails

With, you can easily enhance your email marketing with videos. Automatically generate an embed code for your email marketing campaigns. Add tracking codes and links to where you want to take your audience.